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Our Cleaning Story

For years we, the Min family, have dedicated ourselves to delivering a flawless and beyond satisfactory dry cleaning service at Green Valley Cleaners. With years of experience under our belt, you can count on us when you leave your special pieces in our care to be cleaned to look like new.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Services

We do not believe in cleaning your pieces with harmful chemicals that smell terrible or might leave unwanted residues on the clothes, or worse, on your skin. We've been cleaning and operating our service completely eco-friendly from the get-go. Not only can you be worry-free that your clothes will be cleaned carefully, you'll be sound minded and guilt-free about getting your clothes dry cleaned.

The Team that Cares 

We take the time and effort to know each and every one of our customers that walk through the doors, and those that prefer to partake in our delivery service. It's more than just a dry cleaning business. We commit ourselves to making you feel as comfortable and informed as we can when you leave it to us to clean your clothes. If you have a question or a complaint, we assure you that it will be addressed with complete professionalism from our friendly staff.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

We know how busy life can get. With the fast-paced lifestyle that is inevitable for some these days, we want to help you by crossing out an errand on your to-do list. With our free pick-up and delivery service, we bring your clothes right to your front door so that you can save a trip and some gas. Now delivering in Cameron Park, Rescue, and El Dorado Hills in California. Give us a call today or click on the delivery tab at the top to learn more!

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