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With our state of the art dry cleaning machinery, you can count on us to return your clothes like-new and smelling clean. We pay close attention to detail when dry cleaning pieces, be it delicate lace, unique patterning, or intricate designs. Remember that we are also a chemical-free dry cleaning service, so you don't have to worry about putting on clothes that might have harmful residue left on them like some of our competitors. We are completely eco-friendly!


Leaving bridal gowns or priceless vintage pieces to be cleaned at a service can be a nerve-wracking experience. When you come to Green Valley Cleaners, you can rest easy knowing that we will clean your pieces with the upmost care. We will be sure to go over every little detail with you to be absolutely certain that we have all the information we need. You will be included as much as you like in the process to ensure your satisfaction. We offer multiple options as to how you want pieces packaged, as we know some of our customers like to keep their bridal gowns or vintage items in storage. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as we can, while delivering a flawless service.


We know that it can be difficult to iron out linen pieces that have been sitting in your closet. From our years of experience, we know exactly how to press and iron linen pieces depending on the design. The long, wide table clothes and bedding pieces can often be a hassle to handle as well. Instead of tumbling them in your own washer and dryer, come by today and we can have them looking fresh and ready to be used in your home. Leave it to us and we will not only have your clothes looking brand new, but your bedding or home decor as well.


Whether it be suede, leather, and/or fur, we know exactly how to clean your items and protect them in order stay fresher and last longer. Some customers come in not knowing where to start with their leather and fur pieces. Luckily for our them, we are able to carefully clean and finish these pieces so that they don't have to worry about their favorite coats. Come in today and we will take care of you.


Need your pants hemmed, your waist tighter on a dress, or the shoulder straps on your favorite blouse shortened? Come in today to talk to Jenny at the front desk! We can take care of these alterations and many more. A fashion trade secret to looking great in anything is to have it altered to fit you perfectly. Jenny can fix you right up. Do not hesitate and get a consultation about your alteration needs!


At a very affordable price, we launder and press your work shirts to perfection. Just because it is not specifically dry cleaned, doesn't mean we slack on our care. You can expect to receive your shirts crisply lined at the arms, and have the front and back of the shirt as well as the cuffs and the collar wrinkle free when you receive them.


For only $3.55 per pound, we will wash and carefully fold your laundry for your convenience. Unlike the dry cleaning service, Wash & Fold only has a 1 day turnaround time. Your ready clean clothes can be picked up or Delivered the next day! Let us take care of all of your laundry needs, and cross those chores off your list. 

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